DIY Energy Efficiency at Home

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Having a great furnace, HVAC, and air condition system will help regulate the temperatures in your home and keep you comfortable year-round, but it isn’t the answer to every energy issue you face. Old houses, drafty houses, houses that haven’t been audited for energy efficiency—these kinds of things will affect your overall comfort level and your monthly heating/cooling bill.

To save money on energy costs and ensure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your energy usage low, here are a few home energy tips that can enhance your heating/cooling experience.

  • Change/Clean Filters: Dirty filters in both your air conditioning unit and your furnace will reduce the productivity of your equipment and contribute to poorer air quality. Make it a regular monthly task to change these (you can also upgrade to higher quality filters).
  • Automate Your Thermostat: Manually setting a thermostat works fine while you’re home and awake, but you can cut back your energy costs by as much as 30 percent by having an automatic thermostat doing your regulating for you. It will adjust for when you’re away from the house and in the middle of the night so as not to waste heat/cooling you aren’t using at the time.
  • Caulk Windows/Check Doors: Drafts account for a large percentage of energy waste at home. In the winter, consider using a removable caulk to seal all your windows (it can be removed when spring comes and you’re ready to let fresh air in). You can also buy draft guards for the doors or consider shrink wrap for drafty areas. A more permanent solution would be to have energy efficient windows and doors installed.
  • Shade against Sun: In the bright Utah summer, your home can heat up simply by having sun-facing windows. Just as car windows can be tinted against the glare, so too can home windows. Light-blocking curtains or outdoor shades can also provide protection.
  • Keep the Air Moving: Cool air in summer; warm air in winter—no matter what the season, you want to keep the air in your home moving. Make sure your ducts are always in good repair and consider small fans (or ceiling fans) to keep the air moving. A well-planed circuit of air can go a long way in keeping your home the perfect temperature.
  • Take Small Steps: Drop (or raise) your thermostat by one degree. Turn down your water heater in the summer. Unplug appliances when they’re not in use. Replace one old appliance with a new energy efficient model every year. Find a specific load of clothes you can wash in a cold water cycle every week. These small steps might not seem like much, but they can add up to considerable energy savings over the course of a year.

Perhaps most importantly, you should schedule an annual maintenance checkup with a Park City furnace repair provider. The cost of a regular visit is less than what you’ll pay if something breaks, is running improperly, or needs adjusting in order to maximize your home’s comfort level.