DIY Tips and Tricks for Saving Money with your Air Conditioner this Summer

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design for home air conditioner, vectorPlanning well ahead for summer which is around the corner is prudent. Your home HVAC systems need to be serviced periodically for optimum efficiency by either opting for an expert service provider or DIY options. Maintaining your air condition system will help minimize your electricity bills and also gives long life to your unit which need not be replaced often. Here are some basic dos and don’ts for homeowners to help them understand how the system works and how to periodically maintain it for smooth and hassle-free functioning this summer.

The HVAC, or the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning system come in different components that are placed inside and outside the house or the whole unit rests outdoors attached to ducts or tubes that deliver heated or chilled air centrally to all rooms.

Some simple Maintenance tips, that keeps your air conditioner in shipshape condition contributing to an energy saving, comfortable and durable life.

Clean Air Filter

The air filter has to be replaced or cleaned every 30 days to 90 days depending on the extreme weather. The more the usage of air conditioning, the more frequently it has to be cleaned in a home, irrespective of it being a window air conditioner or centrally fitted HVAC systems. This holds good for homes having pets as the dander and fur easily settles in the filters. The filters are found right behind the front cover that faces inside. While replacing the filter check if you have got the exact make and model meant for this unit.

Maintenance of Exterior Component and Condenser Coil

A condenser coil clogged with dirt and moisture becomes hot and contributes to very poor air conditioning. Cleaning the coil once a year would ensure good efficiency. If the copper tubes connecting the unit outdoors are still hot, we suggest you get some professional service technician to assess it.

Remote control and air conditioningAuto Setting the Thermostat

When the air conditioners run for long hours during the day or night, Auto setting your thermostat conserves energy while allowing the system to work smoothly and efficiently. Auto setting the air conditioner automatically shuts off when the interior reaches the temperature set by the user. This helps the moisture in the air to evaporate instead of circulating within the walls of your home.

Clear the Space around the Outdoor Unit

Ensure good air circulation around the air conditioning unit sitting outside the house by cutting shrubs, grass and keeping the area clean.

Tips and Tricks to Enjoy an Efficient Air Conditioning Throughout the Summer,

  1. Is your home well insulated and sealed? The air conditioning performs efficiently only when there is no leakage and the air space inside is not crowded with too many furniture and things.
  2. Leaving the air conditioner running while you are away keeps the plants and pets protected from extreme heat. Set the temperature 5 to 10 degrees higher than the normal temperature, so that when you come back, the air conditioner gets cool quickly. Turning it off and again starting the air conditioner may get it to overwork and extra energy is used too.
  3. Install an air conditioner with ideal capacity. The room size or the interior space of the house to be cooled defines the most suitable unit. If you choose a smaller or larger unit, the performance will not be effective.
  4. Avoid heat generating activities like cooking and baking in the day, wait for the evening when the temperature is lower. The kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans must not be used often as it interferes with the performance of the unit.
  5. Avoid using a dehumidifier while the air conditioner is on as it will increase your electricity bill considerably.
  6. Get your air conditioner service technician to adjust the refrigerant gas charge. Under charged or overcharged circulating liquid in the air conditioner minimizes its efficiency.
  7. Room air conditioners are installed preferably in the north or east side as direct sunlight falling during the day decreases its performance.
  8. Humidity-high days one must make sure the fan is set at low speed which helps the room to be cooler as it removes more moisture when the air circulated is slow.
  9. Regular servicing and maintenance of the air conditioner ensures optimum performance and an energy saver. Cleaning the coils, filter can make a big difference in energy consumption by 5% to 15%.
  10. Clear clogged drain channels to prevent excess moisture that may affect the walls and furniture.

smart thermostat for home control system on a digital tablet or phone.Smart Thermostat 

In recent years, Smart Thermostats have gained popularity because it can be customized and programmed according to your lifestyle. There are huge benefits when a smart thermostat is installed. Totally a smart investment for the homeowner!

  • The most attractive benefit is that you save almost half on your energy bills.
  • Thermostats have complete control and automation over the climate and temperature indoors and outdoors.
  • You can monitor the temperature of your home on remote while away from home.
  • A user-friendly mobile app configured can help you to adjust the temperature from anywhere, with the thermostat. Email alerts on any rise or fall of temperature will notify you for further instructions.
  • You will get a complete analysis of temperature report, how much percentage of energy you have saved and a comparative study on your earlier consumption.
  • Set it on vacation mode when you are away for a while and the Smart thermostat would do the maintenance of the preset temperature till you are back.

The above mentioned tips and maintenance are mostly DIY ideas. Expert service contractors and technicians must be reached for detailed servicing, replacements and installing new air conditioners. Enjoy this summer season with totally chilled out air conditioners!