Furnace Maintenance Tips

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An efficiently operating furnace will provide your family and home with all the heat you need to stay warm and cozy this winter. As a leading Park City furnace repair company, we know all too well how harsh the snowfall here can be. Keeping your system running at its peak will not only ensure that you stay warm for the entire season, but also that you’re getting the most out of your system in terms of efficiency and cost.

  • Clean the equipment. Dust in the vents and on the furnace itself can clog the heating system or keep it from running well. A quick cleaning every week and a more in-depth duct cleaning annually can help reduce your energy bill.
  • Check the furnace blower. No matter how hard your furnace is working, it won’t do much good if the heat doesn’t have a way to travel to the rest of your home. Unless you have a working knowledge of how blowers work, this might be a task best left to a Park City furnace repair provider.
  • Move your furniture. One of the most common problems with an improperly functioning furnace has nothing to do with the furnace at all—it has to do with blockages at the site of the vents. Avoid placing furniture or other items where it obstructs the movement of heat. This is good for both safety and efficacy.
  • Insulate the furnace ducts. You don’t want to the lose heat before it even gets to its destination—which is why insulated and properly sealed ducts can be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your furnace operations.
  • Replace filters regularly. As is the case with the oil in your car, the filter in your furnace will get dirty and require replacing. Most of them can simply be cleaned and re-inserted in the furnace (recommended monthly), though you will want to replace them once they get worn out—usually about twice a year.
  • Get a professional service once each year. Many people prefer to have this done in the fall, as they’re gearing up for winter weather. Others prefer to have their equipment serviced in the spring or summer in preparation for the upcoming year. Both these options are fine—and you may want to consider doing an all-in-one maintenance package that includes your air conditioning system.

(Note: Any time you do your own furnace maintenance, be sure to turn off both the fuel and the electrical supply.)

Furnace maintenance doesn’t have to be costly or a big hassle. As is the case with most types of regular repairs, a few preventative steps now can save quite a bit of time and money down the road. For even more help discovering what you can do to stay warm this winter, contact a provider of furnace repair in Park City.