Is it Time to Replace My Boiler?

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The heating equipment you have in your home can make a big difference in how warm you are this winter—and how much you pay to keep it that way. While most people call for Park City boiler repairs when something goes wrong, it’s also a good idea to put us on your to-do list for an annual boiler checkup. Not only can we determine if everything is running at its peak, but we can also advise you about the best time and way to update your boiler.

Of course, there are steps you can take at home to determine if your boiler is in need of an upgrade. Here are a few key signs that your boiler may be reaching the end of its life:

  • The boiler is older than 15 years. High-quality boilers are built to last for decades, but recent technology had really changed the way we view energy efficiency. Anything older than 15 years may not be as cost-effective over the next few years a new boiler, which provides savings every day in more efficient output and lower running costs. (Most ENERGY STAR units provide around 20 percent savings.)
  • You required Park City boiler repair at any point last year. While all equipment is going to need regular maintenance and the occasional troubleshooting, repairs can add up over time—and they may indicate a larger problem with the boiler itself. If you called a boiler repair company last year, now is the time to get a professional assessment to discover if that is going to be a repeat problem in need of more attention.
  • Your energy bills are going up. Rising costs may be due to energy prices in Park City, or they may be due to your equipment. If others in your area have consistent heating costs while yours is on the rise, it might be time to replace your boiler. This is especially true if you are having problems maintaining the heat in your house at your comfort level.
  • You are switching to an eco-friendlier lifestyle. The changes over the past 15 years that can save you money can also help save the planet. Government incentives to upgrade to ENERGY STAR equipment don’t exist just to save money—they’re also in place to help reduce the strain our energy needs put on our resources.

Alternatives to a New Boiler

New equipment is always going to require a large upfront investment, and we know that not everyone has that kind of upgrade worked into the budget.

Fortunately, small steps can also help improve your boiler’s efficacy and extend its life for a few more years. Cleaning out the duct system, replacing worn out radiators, updating the controls, or investigating the exhaust system can all help you seal in more heat and more savings.

If you are interested in learning more about energy-efficient models or what a new boiler will mean for your home, call your Park City boiler repair specialists today. Being warm this winter is the most important thing.