Pollen Allergies and Indoor Air Quality

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Springtime in Park City is one of the most beautiful sights in the world—as long as you aren’t one of the thousands of people who suffer from pollen allergies. As the flowers and trees break out in full bloom, pollen fills the air and the streets—as well as our homes. If your heating and cooling systems aren’t up to date, you may find that even your own four walls aren’t protection enough against the allergies that plague you.

Indoor Allergens

Most of us know that our homes can irritate allergies, especially when it comes to indoor issues like pet dander, chemicals, and mold spores. By keeping the house airy and clean—and avoiding those items that cause the sneezing and sniffling to happen in the first place—we can substantially reduce the number of irritants and breathe easy.

Unfortunately, no home is one hundred percent airtight, and outdoor allergens may make their way inside. Pollen particles can come in through open windows and doors, creep in on the bottoms of shoes, or even drift down from improperly sealed attics.

If you find that your allergy symptoms increase during the spring months, you may want to call a Park City air conditioning repair provider. While it might not seem like a cooling system will be able to eliminate all your health woes, you might be surprised at how effective a better ventilation system can be at clearing your symptoms.

Air Filtration and Purification Systems

One of the fastest and easiest ways to improve the air quality in your home is with your existing air conditioning system. Even if you aren’t yet ready to blast the cold air, you can rely on the filtration system to remove pollen and other pollutants. In fact, you can even have specialty HEPA filters installed to ensure maximum filtration.

If you don’t have an air conditioning system, now might be the time to look into having one installed. Although specialty purification systems exist, most air conditioners are capable of handling home allergens—and also providing cool air as the months warm up. You get twice the results for around the same cost.

Pollen and Filtration Tips

You can also do your part to reduce pollen issues by beginning a new springtime routine. Before you call in for air conditioning repair in Heber, try:

  • Dusting the floors/shelves only using a damp cloth
  • Running a HEPA vacuum over floors and rugs at least twice a week
  • Washing bed linens, pillows, and even stuffed animals more often
  • Leaving shoes and outerwear in an entryway or other sealed entrance
  • Drying clothes indoors and not on an outside line

Another important tip is to avoid ceiling fans or other ventilation systems that only push the air around. It might sound like you’re cleaning the air, but the reality is that you could be stirring up the allergens and making your symptoms worse. Instead, rely on a ventilation system that purifies and cleans as it works.