Seasonal Home Energy Maintenance: What to Do for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

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To save money on home heating and cooling costs, and to avoid having to call in a Park City furnace repair company every time you hear a rattle and clank, it’s a good idea to set up a seasonal maintenance plan. By getting used to doing a quick energy check four times a year as the seasons change, you can reduce the amount of time you spend thinking about your home’s heating and cooling systems—and still enjoy a comfortable temperature year round.

Summer Energy Maintenance

With Utah temperatures that soar into the nineties, summer means it’s time to start thinking about cool breezes and air conditioners. In addition to having an annual air conditioner inspection (to look for things like a clear drain and proper seals on the coolant), you’ll want to:

  • Check windows and attics for proper seals
  • Consider installing screens on the windows to keep direct sunlight out
  • Have a stockpile of air conditioning filters to be changed monthly
  • Ensure window units are properly sealed
  • Ensure outdoor units are free and clear of plant growth and debris

Fall Energy Maintenance

As the leaves start to turn and temperatures cool, it’s time to start thinking warm thoughts. Fall is the ideal time to have your annual furnace inspection, but you’ll also want to:

  • Check fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Change and/or clean the filters in your furnace
  • Do a test run of your furnace
  • Look for signs of soot or a flickering pilot light
  • Consider a humidifier for air quality

Because your furnace will most likely be on almost all the time during the winter, it’s best to take care of any potential heating problems now. This will save you from having furnace downtime as the winter snows start to whip down from the mountains.

Winter Energy Maintenance

If you prepared for the fall, winter should be the time when you reap the benefits of your regular seasonal maintenance. To maximize your home’s heat, try to:

  • Check for drafts of cold air in windows, doors, seals, and other access points (these can be closed off or marked for future repair)
  • Apply weatherstripping, as needed
  • Do monthly filter changes
  • Test air quality to make sure your family can breathe easy
  • Open curtains when the sun shines in to capitalize on natural heating
  • Use a programmable thermostat to regulate temperatures all day long

Spring Energy Maintenance

Spring is a time to clear the air—literally. Put your focus on doing things like:

  • Have your air conditioning unit serviced and checked
  • Protect against pollen and other indoor/outdoor allergens
  • Clean the duct system in your home
  • Consider replacing and/or updating your home’s windows


By being proactive year-round, you can avoid many of the more costly furnace and air conditioning repair costs—and avoid the rush times for repair services. Most of these tasks only take a few minutes, and once everything is properly sealed and installed, you only have to do a quick check every year to make sure they stay that way.