Home Owner’s Guide on – “Why the Refrigerant in your Air Conditioner is Important?”

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Heat-pump-and-ac-unitAir conditioners are a boon in summer where our homes or work places maintain the desired temperature helping us stay out of the heat. This is possible because of the refrigerant installed in a window air conditioner or central air conditioning system. For many years, the most common refrigerant R-22 has been used as a liquid agent to help cool and dehumidify the air inside the room or building.

Recently, developed countries have phased out the usage of R-22 as it causes irreversible harm to the environment. Despite the R-22 compound being categorized as ‘ozone depletion potential’ and extreme ‘global warming potential’, this refrigerant is in high demand in developing nations because of its versatile intermediate for commercial use.

Protect Your Cooling System during Summer Storms

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Air conditioners and lightning storms don’t always get along so well. Electrical storms have a way of damaging homes and the technological devices that fill them, and we see our fair share of air conditioning repair in Park City because of the damaging power surges that often accompany a summer storm.

Although the process tends to vary depending on your unit and the storm, most cooling system damage comes in the shape of blown fuses, burnt capacitors, fried compressors, and burned wires. Some of these (compressors) can be costly, while others (capacitors) tend to be a much easier fix. In most cases, your home’s insurance will cover damages that can be linked to a storm, so be sure and check your policy before you call.