How to Prevent Heat Loss in Your Home

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If you’re considering Park City furnace repair to help reduce your heating costs this winter, it’s also a good idea to look at how efficiently your home holds heat. One of the most cost-effective ways to enhance your furnace’s output is to ensure that you aren’t venting valuable heat to the outside through hidden cracks or broken seals.

The most common places to start improving your home’s heat efficiency include the following:

  • Windows: If new energy-efficient windows aren’t in your budget, window insulation kits or quilted curtains can make a big difference for less than $100.

Why Improving Home Ventilation Matters

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One of the common questions we get asked as a leading provider of furnace repair in Park City is how to find that perfect balance of airtight sealing and safe ventilation. Park City winters are famous for the snow and cold, which can last up to six months out of the year. While most of us wouldn’t trade the pristine mountain views and gorgeous ski slopes, we do want our homes to be a sanctuary where warmth is contained—which is why putting up seals and having an airtight home can have a real impact on how effective your heating apparatus is.