Save Money with Boiler Maintenance

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Boiler repair in Park City isn’t just about keeping your machine updated and running without failure. Good maintenance can actually help your heating system be more efficient, which translates to lower running costs. If you’re looking to reduce your heating bills this winter, we’ll show you a few fast and easy ways to do it.

  • Run the boiler once a month to clear out dust and other buildup. Even though it might not seem like a good idea to fire up the boiler in the summer, this is the best way to clear out your system. Like a car, a boiler that sits for too long is more likely to have problems starting up later on. This is a great way to ensure that your vents are cleaned out, as well.

Difference Between a High Pressure and Low Pressure Boiler

Heber Valley MechanicalBoiler Repair

Boilers are one of the most commonly misunderstood pieces of home heating equipment. As a leading provider of boiler repair in Park City, we often get questions and concerns related to the safety of the machinery, especially in relation to high or low pressure issues.

The truth is that any residential boiler equipment is designed with family usage in mind. Most of the hydronic boilers used in this capacity run at anywhere from 12 psi (for a boiler that isn’t on) to 30 psi. (The measurement psi is used to determine pressure, and stands for pounds per square inch.) By definition, a high pressure boiler is one that operates above 15 psi, while a low pressure boiler is one that operates at 15 psi or lower.

Is it Time to Replace My Boiler?

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The heating equipment you have in your home can make a big difference in how warm you are this winter—and how much you pay to keep it that way. While most people call for Park City boiler repairs when something goes wrong, it’s also a good idea to put us on your to-do list for an annual boiler checkup. Not only can we determine if everything is running at its peak, but we can also advise you about the best time and way to update your boiler.

How to Prevent Heat Loss in Your Home

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If you’re considering Park City furnace repair to help reduce your heating costs this winter, it’s also a good idea to look at how efficiently your home holds heat. One of the most cost-effective ways to enhance your furnace’s output is to ensure that you aren’t venting valuable heat to the outside through hidden cracks or broken seals.

The most common places to start improving your home’s heat efficiency include the following:

  • Windows: If new energy-efficient windows aren’t in your budget, window insulation kits or quilted curtains can make a big difference for less than $100.